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From simple fire suppression systems in standard industrial usage to the rigorous demands of fire protection systems on offshore platforms, CLA-VAL products provide accurate and reliable service in the most critical of applications.

Relevant CLA-VAL products are MEA, UL and ULC listed and have Factory Mutual approval. CLA-VAL fire protection products also meet and exceed all industry requirements for both fresh water and seawater service.

Known for dependability and superior performance, CLA-VAL fire protection products include fire pump pressure relief valves, pump suction control valves, deluge valves, pressure regulating valves and backflow preventers.

Available Fire Protection Products:

Air Release Valve

  • 33A High Performance Air Release and Vacuum Breaker
  • 34 Air Release Valve – FM Approved

Altitude Valves

  • 210-01/610-01 Altitude Valve for One-Way Flow


  • Cla-Val Fire Products Brochure
  • Cla-Val Spanish Fire Product Brochure – Spanish


  • Cla-Val Fire Protection Catalog

Check Valves FM Approved

  • 501A Series 501A Wafer Swing Check Valve
  • 580 Series 580 Silent Wafer Check Valve
  • 581 Series 581 Silent Globe Check Valve
  • 582 Series 582 Two-Door Wafer Check Valve

Controls and Accessories

  • X43HL H Style Strainer with Rapid Purge

Deluge Electric Valve

  • 134-05 Solenoid Control Valve – UL, ULC
  • 134-60 Solenoid Valve Equipped with Manual Bypass Valve for Seawater Fire Deluge Service
  • 834-05 Tubular Diaphragm Fire Deluge Valve – FM
  • 834-60 Tubular Diaphragm Seawater Fire Deluge Valve – FM

Deluge Pneumatic Valves

  • 403 Pneumatically Operated Remote Control Valve 403 Series
  • 414-01 Pneumatically Operated Remote Control Valve

Fire Deluge Panels

  • Fire Deluge Panels Consult Factory for Specific Application

Hydrant Valves

  • 750-60 Fire Hydrant Pressure Relief Valve
  • 790-63 Fire Hydrant Pressure Reducing Valve
  • 790-67 Fire Hydrant High Pressure Reducing Valve

Main Valves

  • 100-29S Seawater Service Reduced Port Valves
  • 100-42 700 Series Roll Seal Valves NSF
  • 100-43 Tubular Diaphragm Valve
  • 100G/2100G Deluge Valves – UL, ULC
  • 100GS Ti Titanium Deluge Valve for Seawater Service
  • 100GS/2100GS Deluge Valves – UL, ULC
  • 100S/2100S Seawater Service Hytrol Valves
  • 800GS Tubular Diaphragm Deluge Valves


  • Anti-Cavitation Valves for Fire Protection Applications
  • High-Rise Breach Valves
  • High-Rise Fire Protection System Control
  • Offshore Platform Valve System Applications
  • Titanium Valves Lighter Weight Alternative
  • UL Listed X43HL H Style Strainer

Pressure Reducing Valves

  • 90-21 Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve – UL, ULC
  • 90-42 Seawater Service Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Relief Valves

  • 50-20 Seawater Service Pressure Relief Valve
  • 50-49 Seawater Service Pump Start Pressure Relief Valve
  • 50B-4KG-1 Fire Protection Pressure Relief Valve – UL, FM, ULC
  • 50B-5KG Fire Protection Pump Suction Control Valve
  • 55L Pressure Relief Valve – UL, FM
  • 750-20 Seawater Service Pressure Relief Valve
  • 750B-4KG-1 Fire Protection Pressure Relief Valve – UL, FM
  • 850-20 Tubular Diaphragm Seawater Relief Valve – FM
  • 850B-4 Tubular Fire Relief Valve – FM

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