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CLA-VAL marine products are designed to meet the exacting requirements of military and commercial shipboard applications. Their rugged construction and top quality materials help to ensure long life, minimal maintenance and precision service. All products for critical application on US Navy and Coast Guard vessels have undergone shock and vibration testing.

Our automatic control valves are utilized in nearly all of the US Navy’s shipboard magazine sprinkler and AFFF fire fighting systems. These valves have been relied on by the military for more than 60 years to protect its personnel in the event of an onboard disaster.

On aircraft carriers, three-way fuel/defuel valves are provided for aircraft fueling and defueling, while other valves control fuel from storage tanks to the flight deck. Additional shipboard applications include cross connection control and lubricating oil pressure control. Specially designed CLA-VAL pressure reducing and pressure relief valves are used in seawater systems. Further applications include flow control, solenoid control, countermeasure washdown, ballasting/deballasting and void filling.

Available Marine Products:

Backflow Preventers

  • RP2M Backflow Preventer
  • RP9M Backflow Preventer
  • Check Valves
  • 181M-2 Hy-Check Valve
  • 181M-EP Seawater Service Hy-Check Valve
  • 181PM-EP Power Hy-Check Valve (AFFF Concentrate)
  • 81M Spring Loaded, Diaphragm Operated Lift Check Valve
  • 81M-3 Check Valve
  • 81M-8 Check Valve, 10 in. Valve
  • 81PM-1 Hydraulically Operated Check Valve (without .098 orifice)
  • 83M Floating Ball Check Valve with Tank Sounding Tube
  • Control Valves
  • 100M-1 Hytrol Valve
  • 100M-1EP Remote Control Diaphragm Actuated Valve
  • 100M-1KR/KHR Remote Control Type I, Hydraulically Operated Valve
  • 100PM-3 Hydraulically Powertrol Valve without test fitting
  • 102M-1 Hydraulically Operated Control Valve
  • 105M-1 Hydraulically Operated Control Valve
  • CM10M-AC3-4 Manual Valve (in Neutral Ports A&B are Open to Drain)
  • CM10M-CP3-4 Manual Control Valve (in Neutral Ports A&B are Closed)
  • CM11MA3-3 Manual Control Valve
  • CM11MB2-3 Manual Control Valve
  • CM15M-A2-3 Manual Control Valve
  • CM15M-BA3-3 Manual Control Valve
  • CSM5M-3A SOPV Valve
  • X60M Orifice Flange Assembly (.063 or .098)

Filter Separator Valves

  • 100M-1KR Water Drain Valve
  • 1626M Filter Separator for Fluid Pressure, Aviation and Diesel Fuel
  • 403M Filter Separator for Fluid Pressure, Aviation and Diesel Fuel

Fueling and Defueling Valves

  • 302M Automatic Fueling and Defueling Valve

Level Control for Filter Separators

  • CFF18M-H2 Flanged Float Control
  • CFF18MT-H2 Flanged Float Control with Tester
  • CFF19M-H2 Flanged Float Control
  • CFF19MT-H2 Flanged Float Control with Tester
  • CFF21M-H2 Flanged Float Control

Pressure Reducing Valves

  • 90FM-2 Pressure Reducing Valve
  • 90M Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure Relief Valves

  • 50M Pressure Relief Valve
  • 50M-2 Pressure Relief Valves
  • 50M-5 Remote Sensed Valve

Solenoid Control Valves

  • 136M-2 Solenoid Control Valve
  • 136M-7B Solenoid Control Valve
  • CSM5M-3A Dual Solenoid Valve Control

Specialty Marine Products

  • 22M Back Pressure Regulating Valve
  • 50M-1 Remote Sensing Lube Oil Unloading Valve
  • X69M Proportioning Assembly

Sprinkler Valves

  • 100M-2 Normal Opening Sprinkling Valve
  • 100PM-4 Magazine Sprinkler Valve
  • 100PM-4B Magazine Sprinkler Valve

Void Filling Valves

  • 240M-3 Ballast Control Valve
  • 240M-4 Void Filling Valve

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